Why Sell Your Old Mobile?

It is estimated that, of the 80 million plus mobiles that are in the UK, that only 10% of them are in use at any one time. This means that there are lots of mobile phones that are going to waste, and the components a mobile is made from can be harmful to the environment. If you are one of these people who has a mobile that you’re not using, you can actually sell your phone, earning some cash and helping the environment at the same time.

Mazuma mobile has made the process of selling mobile phones for cash simple. All you have to do is find the model of your phone on the Mazuma website. They will then quote you a price for your phone. If you agree on the price, Mazuma will then send you a freepost envelope. Pop your phone in the envelope, and Mazuma will take care of the recycling process, paying you your cash on the same day.

If you sell your mobile to Mazuma, you will be taking a huge step towards a better world. Many of the components contained in mobile phones are extremely harmful, and if just thrown away, can damage the earth and water supplies. This can have an extremely detrimental effect on animal and plant life, and cost a lot to clean up. By selling your mobile phone, you are helping to prevent these terrible damaging effects from happening, and have a positive effect on the planet for years to come.

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Leave Mobile Phones Off Landfills

Each year we Brits upgrade more than 20 million old mobile phones (some as new as a few months old!). In theory, that’s 20 million handsets annually winging their way to your local landfill for a dull thousand years or so spent degrading and decaying.

Well, we assume that’s what they do. We quite simply don’t know how long it takes for materials like plastic to degrade, although most scientists are in agreement that the figure is somewhere between five hundred years and a few centuries.

It’s not just the hard plastic outer shell of mobile phones that can cause harm. Mobile phones contain many scarce, valuable metals that are harvested during the mobile phone recycling process to be reused in the production of a broad range of other devices. Also on the table in terms of reclamation are non-toxics like glass.

Toxic compounds might not be the thing you most want next to your ear, but they’re crucial in the make-up of mobile phones. Compounds like copper, cadmium, beryllium, arsenic (yes, really!) and that old eco-demon – lead – can all cause harmful environmental effects. Lead in particular is a nasty piece of work in terms of polluting every living thing it meets.

When you sell your mobile to us, we guarantee NONE of the unused components and raw materials end up in a landfill. Anything we can’t harvest is sent back to you so it’s your problem – just kidding! We follow strict EU guidelines to make sure every spare is dealt with ethically and as effectively as possible.

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Recycle Old Mobile Phones Now

Saving money is never as much fun as spending it, but there is a certain rewarding spring that comes to the step of those who meet a financial goal. It doesn’t matter what the goal is – an iPhone 4, house repaint, new bed, pedigree dog, debt clearance – whatever it is you’re saving for, here are a few words of encouragement to spur you on!

•    It’s all about the goal. Right this very second you may not be having much fun scrimping and saving, but once you reach your savings goal you know all the hard work and grumpy frugal afternoons will be a distant memory.

•    Make some visual reminders. In much the same way as dieters put photos of their least/most preferable body shapes on the fridge door, setting a few images of your savings goal around the house (or maybe taped to the back of your credit card) could be priceless in those little moments of weakness.

•    Put it in writing. Sticking to lists to reduce costs is a great way to effectively plan and adhere to a savings budget.

•    Remember the little things count. Look for incentives like cash for mobiles, cashback websites etc in all possible areas of your life.

Recycle mobile phones for cash, sell old DVDs on eBay, host a car boot sale, buy supermarket brands in favour of big brand names – all of these small measures can really stack up, in fact, most of your savings are likely to come from small changes, so don’t neglect a single one!

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Eco Friendly Solutions to Electrical Waste

The toaster exploded, your old mobile phones finally gave up the ghost, the washing machine just… stopped, and the ancient electric room heater has just about packed in. We live in a fairly disposable world, but it can’t stay this way for ever.

Badly disposed-of e-waste can cause such environmental damage as widespread abandonment of hazardous chemicals, the loss of valuable resources (rare, valuable metals are inside pretty much every electrical device we own) and degradation of land quality (e.g. pollution from landfills spreading outside the landfill barrier)


Working appliances tend to find new homes fairly easily via charity shops, incentives etc. Avoid throwing away any appliance that works. Someone somewhere can provide a home for it.


Mobile phone recycling is easy, but what about larger appliances? As much as we love the environment we’d rather you didn’t send us your old washing machines in the post. Most local tips provide clearly labelled areas for various types of e-waste, although a tailored recycling centre is preferable.


Websites like RecyclingExpert.co.uk are full of creative, wonderfully unique ways to reuse your old electrical devices. If you’re not quite up for making a garden feature of your old grill, consider refurbishing superfluous devices and storing for your own emergency use.

Mobile phone recycling for cash may only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of responsibly disposing of disused electronic devices and appliances, but the reality of simple, eco-friendly, accessible disposal is becoming more of a reality by the day.

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Do You Really Need a New Phone

Without wanting to shoot ourselves in the foot here, the question of need versus want should generally be a consideration if you’re considering a mobile phone upgrade. Simply getting cash for old mobile phones probably isn’t strictly a decent enough reason to go for the upgrade, so here are a few questions to ask yourself before you sell your mobile via our phone recycling for cash service.

•    Is your current phone broken? If this blog entry has so far come off as a little miserly, it’s just because in the current financial climate every little saving really DOES help. Still, if your phone is broken, there’s no better time to get a new one!

•    Are you suffering compatibility issues? We don’t mean in terms of not getting along with your phone and considering a break up, but more in terms of the basic usefulness of your phone’s platform. For example, the Nokia Maemo platform is Linux-based and highly compatible, making Nokia smartphones popular business options.

•    Have you simply “gone off” your old phone? Trends evolve, hearts change, and the features that once seduced us seem outdated and dull. When a phone falls out of favour because of age, think carefully about how much a new phone will REALLY add to your life before investing.

•    Do you need something new from your phone? A new job, a longer commute, mobile internet – if you genuinely need a phone that performs a function further than your current model, investing in a new device may be your only option (but don’t forget to put the old one in for mobile phone recycling!)

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Touch Screen Protection Advice

Screen nicks and scratches were already the bane of the computer user’s life, and then they go and introduce mobile phones into the arena! If you want to sell your mobile phones for cash at some point, the notion of keeping it safe and in top condition is likely something that weighs on your mind as you cast it into the depths of your pocket amongst loose change, uncapped pens and house keys! Ever on the alert to help lengthen the life of your mobile, here are our cardinal sins and must-do tips for the touch screen mobile phone user.

•    Screen protectors are certainly one of the easiest ways to try and keep dirt, grease, scratches and pressure damage away from your gorgeous new Nokia N900 etc. Invest in a multipack to make sure there’s always one on standby just in case.

•    Touch screen panels are incredibly sensitive to environmental damage (e.g. dust, grease etc) so do everything you can to avoid letting grime come into contact with your touch screen. That means no grubby fingers!

•    Pressure can cause even the most robust touch screens to suffer display damage. Avoid actions like stabbing repeatedly at frozen web pages, jabbing the stylus at icons etc.

•    Never use detergents or harsh chemicals to clean a touch screen.

•    Never clean a touch screen by spraying liquid directly on to it. Always apply to a soft cloth first.

We accept broken old mobile phones too, but if you look after your touch screens you’ll get a lot more cash for mobiles!

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Thrifty Life Tips for the Avid Fashion Fan

Aside from the easy titbits of advice (sell mobile phones for cash, shop during sales etc) fashion and lifestyle experts tend to agree on these less followed tenets of the frugal, fashionable lifestyle.

Re-use or Recycle?

It’s not just mobile phone recycling we’re fans of; we think this is a pretty good guideline to follow throughout most areas of life. Fashion gurus tend to be of the opinion that if it’s not couture/vintage and you haven’t worn it in two years, either get busy re-using or get busy recycling! Still clinging to an old Samsung Armani P520 “just in case”? Designer mobile phones are not couture, and neither will they become vintage, so sell old mobile phones, designer media players etc. and put the money towards a better use (the 2011 summer lines!)

Professional Tailoring

Decided to hang on to that designer dress you never wear? A trip to a local seamstress to tailor to customise items that don’t quite fit properly could be the best way to breathe new life into a regrettable impulse buy, creating a one-off bespoke piece in the process.

If It Looks Good, Don’t Be a Snob!

Shabby-chic has been a signature interior design theme for a few seasons now, concurrent with the bohemian-vintage fashion wave that began during summer 2004. Scouring car boot sales and charity shops may not be your idea of heaven, but keeping an open mind could mean your open wallet stays full a lot longer!

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Mobile Phones and Safety

Keeping you and your mobile phone happy and safe is a top priority in both our books. Street safety means more than just being able to sell your mobile to us when you’re ready, it means being vigilant about body language, travel decisions and everyday living.

Remember the days of calling home from street pay phones? Nostalgic as that may have been, a world with even old mobile phones has helped us to feel safer and more connected with the world around us. That said, the mobile world isn’t without its safety issues. In simple terms, the popularity of mobile phones has created a new niche for criminals; mobile phone thefts rank amongst the highest reported petty thefts across the board.

Don’t be a target!

Most phone crimes on the street are born from opportunity. How you handle yourself and your mobile can have a significant impact on how a criminal views you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the car, walking, cycling, running, on the train or on the bus – vacant body language could mark you as a target. Women, the elderly and children are particularly at risk.

•    Try to use a hands-free kit.
•    Avoid revealing an expensive mobile phone as much as possible.
•    Take out phone insurance (no mobile phone is worth your life)
•    To keep the chance of phone recycling for cash alive, always keep your phone in a secure place.

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