Pre-Uni Clearout Tips

With A-level results looking good for the 29th year in a row, we reckon there’s no time like the present to recycle phones with Mazuma and get your teenage room in step with the rest of the house! (Your parents will thank us!) in the form of a pre-uni clear-out blitz!


There are probably LOADS of things you don’t need from childhood, so be brutal and accept a few home truths, e.g. those Thomas the Tank slippers are no longer fit for human feet… so recycle them! You can recycle pretty much anything these days – old mobile phones, old clothes, old DVDs, electronics etc. Do your utmost to avoid throwing things away, even if it means travelling a little further than the wheely bin to give them an ethical send-off.

Car Boots

We’ve sold things on eBay before too. As brilliant as it is, it can be a huge pain when you have to individually wrap thirty-seven DVDs, eighteen comics, ten pairs of strappy sandals and your entire POG collection! Obsessed with mobile phone recycling as we are, we’re also an office of die-hard car boot junkies! Most car boots sales charge a fee of anything between £5 and £20 for the pleasure of a pitch. Car boots are our favourite way to de-clutter (plus you get to haggle with strangers over nominal 10p costs!)

Be Brutal…But Not Too Brutal!

Remember, you will be home, and the odds are good you’ll love seeing a few old favourite possessions (who can part with ALL their action figures?!)

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Time Your Tablet Paid You Back

Of course we’re after your old mobile phones, but did you know we also want your tablets? It’s not that we’re greedy or anything, but tablets like iPads could offer an alternative to a costly computer to some of the folks we support in struggling economies such as areas of China, India and Africa.
It’s not just mobile recycling we’re experts in, we also spend a great deal of time researching global economies to see where Mazuma products could be most needed. Let’s take the example of Africa, where a skilled craftsman has figured out a way to make highly durable shoes using old car tyres. Perhaps this man trades to his village, perhaps a little beyond, but without good communication and resources his vision may not see its full potential. With the help of an iPad or smartphone this man could reach further, research new ideas, perhaps contact prospective buyers further afield or even source a partnership with another business or investor. In struggling economies such as those in Africa, efficient communication could mean the difference between a life lived near poverty and the life of a successful business owner.
So if you want to sell your phone or your tablet, take a look at the quote tool on the Mazuma homepage and see if your tablet can’t pay you back a little for the hours of queuing you undertook to be one of the first to own it!

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Deleting Data is No Problem for Mazuma

Let’s face it, we’ve all sent incriminating gossip-related texts or taken photos of the rude words we’ve spelled out using the brass house name letters in the local hardware store! Bottom line, we all have data on our old mobile phones that could be deemed… sensitive!
We know that if we want you to recycle old mobiles for cash, we need to provide a top quality data erase tool. We also know that it’s important to do things like data erasing yourself just to be sure! Our free mobile data erase tool is available for heaps of different phone models, and allows you to clear your phone of ALL data before you pop it in the post to our phone bank. Simply fill out the online request form and we’ll email you complete instructions within a few minutes.
iPad customer? No problem, the tech wizards here in Mazuma HQ can talk you through a complete data erase process. Just select your tablet model from the dropdown menu on our “Mobile Delete Data Tool” webpage under the tab “About Our Service”
So, before you pop your mobile in the post, use our free data delete tool to make sure all gossip-laden texts, secret government codes and compromising photos of ex’s are erased 100%
Oh, and one more thing, we don’t use ANY of your information for marketing purposes when you request the data delete tool, so you won’t be getting a load of email spam nonsense from anyone!

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The Sad Life of the Dumped Mobile Phone

Like old picnic chairs and out of style drapes, some folks send their poor mobiles to the dump instead of to the phone bank or letting Mazuma Mobile offer cash for phones (silly people!) Whilst it may not play on your mind that you dumped that ancient Nokia in the bin in 1999, let’s see how you feel after learning a few unsettling facts about how well that old Nokia is doing right now!

•    It’s probably leaking trace amounts of toxic compounds like lead, cadmium, beryllium, copper and arsenic (yes, really, ARSENIC!) Lead poisoning is a serious issue at all landfills, where improperly tossed away electronics are estimated to be responsible for around 40% of the lead fatally drifting around the area.
•    Non-toxic materials like plastic and glass can cause strife too. Most experts estimate (only ESTIMATE) that it takes around 1000 years for plastic to degrade. Estimates wary wildly because we simply have no way of knowing at this point in time. Most mobile phones are made using a high percentage of plastic.
•    Here’s a bit of maths we horrifyingly figured out in the office whilst going about or daily business of mobile phone recycling: Around 20 million handsets are upgraded annually. If half of these -were simply chucked on the local dump, that would mean a build-up of TEN BILLION handsets before the first one degraded after 1000 years. And that’s just in the UK!

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Complete Your Ethical Mobile Phone Upgrade

Getting cash for mobiles is one thing, but what about where your handset goes? Do you care whether it’s used ethically or disposed of conscientiously? The happy tale of your old mobile’s new life with Mazuma Mobile and beyond is a simple one, but one that could see your little buddy in the hands of any number of grateful folks around the world.

The Re-Homing Process

Let’s say your old Motorola RZR has outlived it’s usefulness to you. Maybe you invested in an iPhone, maybe a Blackberry, or maybe showed a little brand devotion and went for the indomitable Motorola DEFY. Anyway, the point is that your old RZR needs a new home. You can sell your mobile to us and we’ll give it a thorough once-over (wiping data and checking whether everything works) before deciding where it should travel next. Working phones tend to head for our partners who sell phones in struggling economies where cheap communication is not only valuable, but can be lifesaving too. We currently enjoy great working relationships with retailers in the likes of Africa, India, Pakistan and China.

The End of the Road

Some handsets are simply too far gone or inefficient to fix. Whilst this is only around 5% of the models we buy, we take great care in disposing of them ethically. We’re an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Accredited Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility, which may not mean much to you, but in ethical disposal terms we’re very, VERY good boys and girls!

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Is Your Mobile Phone Treasure or Trash?

Saying you can sell your mobile for lovely cash is all well and good, but what if you’re phone’s not worth much? On the other hand, what if you’ve got a veritable goldmine tucked away in the back of your MISC draw?

Top Phones for Cash

I’m sure you all saw it coming; the iPhone4 tends to rank highest on our payout list day in, day out! Rates for a working iPhone4 32GB (without charger) are currently just over the £280.00 mark in cash, or £300.00 in Argos vouchers. Also up with the big boys are the Blackberry Bold 9700 and HTC Desire, both hovering around the £100.00 mark or above. Have you got an old iPhone in the MISC draw? Even an iPhone2G 4GB could bag you just over £20.00.

£1.00 Payout Models

We don’t pay out below £1.00 for a handset because it’s simply not efficient use of our resources. However, there are loads of models we offer around £1.00-£5.00 for. The Sagem MYC 3B, the Motorola RZR, the Samsung E250 – we’re pretty sure you’ve probably got a few old handsets lurking in the shadows. Tired old mobiles for cash, what could be better? Even when models aren’t worth much, £5.00 is still £5.00!

If you’re stockpiling a wealth of old mobiles, why not use our easy online quote tool to identify each model and see how much you could be getting for your treasure AND your trash!

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Recycle Mobile Phones for Charity

Fundraising and recycling go hand in hand, and we’re happy to add the Mazuma Mobile name into the mix! If you’re a charity or organisation looking to make a bit of extra cash, why not plan a mobile phone recycling campaign with Mazuma?

What We Do

Although we can’t provide collection bins etc, we can offer great rates on all the phones your collection drive picks up. We don’t cap the number of handsets you can sell to us because we think your organisation should get the same brilliant cash for mobiles rates as our single-handset clients. The process is simple; just enter the details of each phone collected (including whether they work or not) and we’ll send you a freepost Parcelforce collection bag (or several!)

Where to Collect

Supermarkets, schools and Local Councils are often keen to get on the ethical bandwagon when it comes to green issues and charity. Lots of our charity clients design their own phone banks and, working with the management of their chosen collection areas, site them in regular spots for an allotted amount of time. It can pay to let word get around a little, so perhaps a week or so (collecting at the end of each day) would see better results. Schools are often happy to organise particular days for students and staff to donate unwanted phones.

Always ask permission at an establishment if you intend to run a collection drive there, as some places require special permission from higher up to OK your project.

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Moore’s Law and Your Mobile

Amidst our mobile phone recycling expertise and in depth knowledge of how you can sell phones for cash, we’re pretty much geeks at heart. Ever heard of Moore’s Law? It probably dictates more about how often you upgrade your phone than you might think!
For the technophobes and non-geeks amongst you, Moore’s Law is a theory coined several decades ago by Intel founder Gordon Moore. The law states that the rate at which we develop new technology doubles roughly every twenty-four months. The law in its most basic form is the textbook example of exponential growth, i.e. the faster the technology we develop, the faster we develop it. Experts tend to agree that Moore’s Law cannot be relevant forever, and will likely cease to be significant sometime around 2020, although that date is hotly debated in research labs and comic book stores the world over.
So, as handsets get better faster, more and more lovely people like yourself are recycling old handsets for cash! Phone recycling for cash is a relatively young but prosperous market. In new markets it’s important to lay down ethics from the word “Go!”, which is why Mazuma Mobile is so upfront about things like how we dispose of the tiny percentage (under 5%) of phones we can’t use, and how the 95% we save are siphoned into vulnerable economies ethically in the likes of Africa, India, Pakistan and China. It’s important to keep people in touch, especially in remote or hostile communities.

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