Quick and Efficient Mobile Phone Recycling

On average, British employees work the longest hours in Europe. Indeed, many people throughout the UK ‘live to work’ rather than ‘work to live’. Consequently, ‘free time’ is now at premium so it is important that you are able to take care of jobs and tasks as quickly as possible to ensure you can make the most of it.

Therefore, if you want to recycle mobile phones, you may well need to get on with it quickly and efficiently. Sadly, this is not always possible as many phone recycling providers simply cannot deliver their services quickly enough. Indeed, the poor service of some inefficient service providers can even create delays as they can be very tardy when it comes to making their payments. This can lead to even more of your free time being wasted as you chase up the company concerned to find out what is happening with your payment.

Thankfully, there is a far quicker way to recycle old mobile phones and that is to use our services here at Mazuma Mobile. We appreciate that time is of the essence and that is why we have optimised our services to be as fast and straightforward as possible. Within minutes, our website will let you know exactly how much you stand to earn if you choose to sell your mobile and from there on in, the process of dispatching your phone and receiving your payment moves rapidly.

Make more of your free time with us at Mazuma Mobile.

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Take Some Time to do Some Good

Life in modern Britain moves at breakneck speed these days. Indeed, it can often feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day for you to take care of all the things which need doing, especially if you have a demanding job or family commitments. However, there are occasions when taking a little time out can be very beneficial, and not just for recharging your batteries.

If you have an old mobile phone that you don’t use anymore, you can do something with it in a matter of minutes that will make you feel very good about yourself.

What’s the “good thing”?

Phone recycling

By sending your phone to us here at Mazuma Mobile, you can help other people who are less fortunate than yourself, as well as help to protect the environment.

Helping people
Here at Mazuma Mobile, all of the old mobile phones that we refurbish get sent to developing countries so that people who ordinarily couldn’t afford a brand-new phone can have access to mobile communications.

Helping the planet
Some of the components contained in mobile phones can harm the environment if they get deposited in normal landfill sites. Thankfully, the mobile phone recycling programmes we provide can help to prevent this.

So why not send us any phones that you no longer use. We’ll pay you for it, and it really does only take a couple of minutes. Go on; take some time to do some good…

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Extra Cash for Students

There are many people who still perceive a student’s life to be nothing more than a series of boozy nights, long lie-ins and lazy days. However, being a student these days is far from easy. Increases in the cost of living and rising tuition fees means that students are not only strapped for cash but are also up to their eye balls in debt long before they even graduate. This means that today’s students not only have to be far more sensible with the money they have available, but also need to come up with ways to supplement their income.
Drastic measures
Supplementing an income could mean resorting to drastic measures such as getting an evening job, working as a television extra, selling blood or even getting up early to do a car boot sale. Naturally these are all abhorrent to your average student as they will impact greatly on their drinking time at the SU bar.
Cash for phones
Thankfully, there is a far easier way for students to scrape some extra money together and that is to sell old mobile phones for cash. Here at Mazuma Mobile, we are happy to pay for any old phones that are no longer used. Simply log on to our site, identify the phone that is to be sold, send the phone to us in the envelope provided and then we’ll send out a cheque in return. Hey presto – extra cash!
Explore our pages further and sell mobile phones for cash, today.
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The Benefits of Recycling Mobile Phones

It is fair to say that most of us have become quite complacent about our ‘disposable society’. Indeed, many of us don’t even think twice anymore about throwing away items that are in perfectly good working order after they have been replaced with a more up-to-date model.

However, there is a growing awareness that this is simply not acceptable. Indeed, recycling has become far more popular in recent few years as a direct result of more and more people actually feeling guilty about the amount of perfectly good items they throw away. In addition, people are also far more aware that some items that are disposed of on a regular basis can also cause harm to the environment. For example, old mobile phones contain a number of toxic elements that can cause pollution if they find their way into landfill sites.

Thankfully, old mobiles can be easily recycled by us here at Mazuma Mobile. Our mobile phone recycling service is a very simple yet effective measure that enables people to sell old mobile phones for cash. We then send the phones we buy to developing countries so that they can be used by people who will greatly benefit from them. This means that not only will there be fewer toxic elements causing pollution to the environment, there will also be someone benefitting from personal communications that they might otherwise never have been able to afford.

So please think twice before throwing that two year-old phone in the bin.

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How to Tackle your Hoarding Affliction

It is human nature to keep hold of items we get attached to rather than do away with them. This is commonly known as ‘hoarding’. Although some people are more prone to this than others (mothers and grandmothers!), most people are guilty of it to some degree or another.

However, there is a very simple way to combat this affliction and that is to adopt a far more cynical approach towards possessions that you no longer use. For example, mobiles phones have become a classic hoarding item as most people these days upgrade their phones more often than they go to the dentist. However, even though an average person may have several old phones taking up space around their house or flat, they refuse to consider mobile phone recycling as “you never know when they might come in handy”.

This is where some healthy cynicism can come in very handy. You don’t use that phone. In fact, you haven’t used it in over a year. Let’s face it; you’re never going to use it ever again. GET RID OF THE PHONE!

Phone recycling for cash
But don’t just throw it in the bin; send it to us here at Mazuma Mobile instead. We will pay cash for your old mobile phones if they meet our terms & conditions and we will also try our hardest to ensure they are put to good use by sending them to someone in the developing world who could really benefit from them.

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Reasons to Use Mazuma Mobile

Everybody knows that leaving your old mobile phone to gather dust doesn’t make any sense, especially when it could be used by someone else who really needs a phone or at the very least could be sold off to make you some extra cash. Of course, this can be easily achieved when you sell mobile phones for cash to us here at Mazuma Mobile. However, aside from the obvious benefits, there are also several other reasons to use our services:

Ethical business practices
Unlike selling your phone on an auction site, you can rest assured that your mobile phone won’t be used for anything unscrupulous when you sell it to us here at Mazuma Mobile. This is because we do not sell old mobile phones to the general public, only to established partners in developing markets who have proven ethical business practices.

Super-green credentials
When you sell your unwanted phone to us you can be sure that it won’t end up in a landfill site. We are proud to say that around 95% of the phones we buy are reused in one way or another. Happily, because we are an authorised Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Treatment Facility, the 5% of phones and component parts that cannot be recycled are still disposed of in a way that doesn’t harm the environment in any way.

Best possible prices
We review our prices every month to make sure our customers always receive the best possible remuneration for their old mobile phones.

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Everybody Wins with Recycling

The standard thing to do with your electrical devices when they finally give up the ghost is to throw them away. For example, if your ten-year old television simply ceases to operate, chances are you will take it to the tip and then go to Dixon’s and replace it with a new, improved model. You do this because you assume (rightly) that no-one will want to buy an electrical device that doesn’t work. However, although this assumption is true in most cases, there is one electronic device that doesn’t abide by such assumptions – the humble mobile phone.

We here at Mazuma Mobile are so passionate about mobile phone recycling that we will consider paying cash for your mobile even if it is no longer in working order. This is good news for you as it means the dead mobile that you thought was completely worthless could in fact provide you with a good amount of cash that could be put towards the purchase price of a brand new phone.


So, don’t disregard the potential that broken old mobile phones might have to earn you extra money. Instead, think about us here and ask yourself one very simple question: “could I sell my mobile phone to Mazuma Mobile for cash”? If you are interested, simply go to the relevant selling page here on our website and then select the non-working option. Not only will you boost your finances, but you will also be helping the environment as well.

Everybody wins.

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Environmental Awareness and Mobile Phone Recycling

Environmental awareness is a major concern for individuals, societies and governments all across the world. Indeed, recycling is a very hot topic and people everywhere are trying harder than ever to ensure they limit the effects that their actions may have on the environment.

Consumer technologies
However, our endeavours to push the boundaries of consumer technologies in the past thirty years have made recycling a far more difficult task than it needs to be. Sadly, most electronic devices that we in the West take for granted such as mobile phones and computers contain components that simply cannot be recycled by traditional methods. In fact, items such as LCD screens can even cause harm to the environment if they are thrown away in the normal way.

Mobile phone recycling
Here at At Mazuma Mobile we do everything we can to help prevent these components from being thrown away and causing damage to the environment. We do this by buying old mobile phones from people that no longer want them and then sell them at reduced prices to people in developing countries who may not have the means to buy a brand new mobile phone. Not only can this type of mobile recycling help to ensure harmful components do not end up in place where they can cause harm to the environment, it can also enable people in underprivileged parts of the world to enjoy a means of communicating which may not have been available to them beforehand.

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