If you want to sell a phone then the chances are you’d like some ready cash in exchange. Maybe you even need to raise some money quickly to pay a bill or meet an unexpected expense. Maybe you’d just like some extra cash before going on holiday. There are lots of reasons people recycle phones through Mazuma and if you’ve got an old handset lying around there is no reason not to turn it into a nice pile of money.

We understand that a fast turnaround time is a big advantage so we’ve made it quick to sell your phone and even quicker to get paid for it. Some phone recycling companies will make you wait for your money but not us. Our philosophy is simple. As soon as we’ve received your mobile in its special Freepost bag and checked it, you get paid.

So, how long will it all take, in total? If you’ve got your old phone with you now, you can order a Freepost bag straight away. We’ll help you find the make and model number if you don’t already have it. Then we’ll either send you a Freepost bag within 24 hours or if you’re really in a hurry you can print off a Freepost label yourself, pop the phone into a postbag, and Royal Mail will do the rest.

You can decide how the phone gets sent to us. The quickest option takes one working day and the slowest only two or three, and as soon as we’ve got your handset we’ll pay you by whichever method you choose. Mobile recycling is a very quick way of making some extra money. Some times it takes less than 48 hours!

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