It seems like a perfect idea; sell mobile phones for cash to a company who will make sure they are re-used in developing countries that can make real use of them.

We are one of the leading reusers of old mobile phones in Europe, and we find new homes for an average of around 150,000 old mobile phones every single month. That’s a lot of phones that would otherwise be left languishing in drawers or thrown in the bin.

The reason we can provide such a great re-use service is that we have excellent relationships with many networks, repairers and of course retailers. We aim to find new homes for more than 96 per cent of the phones that people send to us, and we recycle any that can’t be used responsibly, because mobile phones contain a number of toxic elements that should not be released into the environment to cause pollution.

If you sell your phone to us, you can be sure it will be well looked after, and so will you. Our website is highly secure, so your details remain private, and we also provide you with a free mobile data delete tool so you can wipe any important information from your phone before you sell your mobile to us.

Once your phone arrives with us, if it meets our terms and conditions we guarantee you will receive the full price we have offered you, and the cash will be with you on the same day we get your phone.

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