Today’s society is often criticised for its throwaway habits – we bin many articles that are useful, but have simply been replaced by more up-to-date or fashionable models.

No wonder recycling has become more and more popular in the last few years. Most of us do actually feel guilty about throwing things away, and we know that economically it often makes no sense at all to dump perfectly good items that we have simply grown out of.

The environment does not benefit from these throwaway habits, either. Old mobile phones, for instance, contain a number of toxic elements that are really not beneficial, and which can cause pollution over a number of years if they find their way into our giant landfill dumps.

So add the two together (damage to the environment and damage to your pocket) and you’ll see that it genuinely makes sense to swap your old mobiles for cash with Mazuma.

Our phone recycling service takes your old mobile phones and exchanges them for cash, usually on the same day that your phone arrives with us. We then process your phone to join our phone bank, which provides mobile phones to developing countries such as those in Africa.

Think of the benefits. Fewer toxic elements causing pollution to our environment; cash for phones in your pocket and someone across the world able to access easy personal communications they might otherwise never be able to buy.

Check out our easy-to-use phone recycling for cash. You’ll never regret giving it a try.

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