As more consumers utilise their mobile phone when listening to music, Mintel research shows that sales of dedicated MP3 players are beginning to suffer.

The capabilities of handsets are ever-expanding, especially since access to virtual application stores like Google Play gave users the chance to download thousands of tools and games.

Sales of dedicated devices like the Apple iPod have fallen year on year by 22 per cent, The Daily Telegraph reports, as people opt to carry just one gadget with them.

Music players have featured on mobile phones for a while, but more internal memory means that owners are now able to store large libraries.

Handsets like the Apple iPhone 5 give users easy access to song and album downloads through the iTunes app, whereas MP3 devices must usually be plugged into computers.

Owners can also more easily listen to podcasts, stream radio, research bands and share what they are listening to with friends when using a smartphone.

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