Apple iPhone owners will once again be able to use the Google Maps application, as the navigation tool is now available through the App Store.

The app was once pre-loaded onto the smartphones, but after a souring relationship between the two technology giants, it was deleted in the iOS 6 operating system upgrade.

Apple Maps replaced the tool on the iPhone home screen, but many customers complained about the American manufacturer's offering.

Numerous reports of misplaced cities and other errors were reported in the press, and chief executive Tim Cook consequently released a statement apologising for the app.

He even advised iPhone owners to utilise other navigation apps available through iTunes, so many customers turned to alternative tools.

However, a number of people consider the Google version to be superior, and so were eagerly awaiting the release of Maps on the App Store.

Those with iPhone 3GS mobile phones or newer can install the tool for free, and take advantage of features like Street View and turn-by-turn navigation.

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