It’s no surprise that so many people now use mobile phone recycling services. Consumers tend to go through a lot of these devices and they can be worth a tidy sum, even second-hand.

Meanwhile, if you feel lost without your mobile, you’re not alone. Research carried out by security app provider Lookout found that 58 per cent of Americans don’t go for more than an hour without checking their smartphones and those aged between 18 and 34 were the most likely to look at their handsets frequently.

The Mobile Mindset Study also found that nearly seven in ten people polled had lost their phones at some point and some of these individuals felt “sick” with worry when they couldn’t locate their devices.

If you’ve recently started using a new mobile and want to recycle your old one, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Mazuma Mobile we’re experts when it comes to this process and are perfectly placed to help you. Whether you’re eager to recycle Blackberry phones, sell Nokia mobile phones or anything else, you can use our simple system.

Firstly, you just search for your old mobile on our site to see how much it’s worth. Then, if you’re happy with this and want to proceed, you can choose one of our payment methods and enter your details. You can then request a free sales pack or print your own version.

Secondly, you post the device to us and, lastly, once we’ve received it and confirmed everything’s in order, we’ll make the payment. Of course, what you do with the cash is completely up to you.

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