The above question may seem superficially obvious, but nevertheless the distinction between an operational mobile and one which does not work is an important one.

At Mazuma Mobile, understandably we are thrilled that recycling old mobiles for cash is becoming an important phenomenon. However, we often do receive many questions in regard to what classifies as ‘working’ and what classifies as ‘non-working’ when selecting your option before you send your old phone to us. So here’s the lowdown on the working/non working criteria:

  • All mobile phones should match the make and model in the order for starters. If you’ve sent a Nokia and selected a Blackberry on the handset type, there will be a lot of confusion and an unfortunate delay in you receiving cash for your old mobile
  • In order to classify as working, the phone must turn on and off, be fully functional and the screen must be fully working and in one piece. If there’s a crack in the screen, you would need to list the phone as non-working. Working phones must include the battery and have no crushed parts or water damage. If you would happily sell it onto a close friend, then the chances are it’s going to be ‘working’ by our standards
  • Non-working refers to phones that may have a faulty screen, or a broken keypad, or doesn’t turn on and off. With phone recycling you can still get cash for a damaged mobile, but it should be intact to some extent
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept phones that have been crushed or broken in half as the chances are we can’t re-use them

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