When you come to Mazuma and say: ‘Sell my phone‘, you can rest assured that you are doing something that will benefit not only you, but the environment too.

Many old mobile phones are simply dumped in the bin and eventually find their way into landfill sites across the country. But that’s not a good thing, because many of the elements used to manufacture mobile phones are toxic, and we don’t want them leaking out and polluting the environment.

People who care about the environment and who also fancy the idea of selling their old mobiles for cash can get a double benefit from us. We have very sound environmental credentials with the mobile phones for cash that we are sent, which are processed and then sent around the world to be used by people in developing countries such as those in Africa and the Far East, who might otherwise be unable to afford personal communications.

At Mazuma we aim to re-use more than 95 per cent of all the old mobile phones that are sent to us, providing them to developing markets where they are of enormous use to the community.

Of course, there are some old mobile phones that come to us and just cannot be re-used, so we make sure to recycle them in a way that is the most friendly to the environment. Our credentials are excellent; at Mazuma, we are a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility, and we are also ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accredited.

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