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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

Not just a mobile phone?

Mobile phones have become second nature in the 21st century. With phone retail outlets popping up constantly all over the UK, it’s safe to say we’re going through a phone phenomenon. At Mazuma Mobile, we reckon mobile phones are the … Continue reading

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The future’s bright

At Mazuma Mobile, we realise more than most just how fast the industry is evolving. Mobile phones have completely changed the face of technology in just 25 years. But where will mobile phones be at in 10 years time? Here’s … Continue reading

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The staggering difference a phone makes

Computers, phones, televisions; each amazing technology is evolving at a speed much greater than you would find on any UK motorway. At Mazuma Mobile, we believe it’s important to ensure we don’t take such things for granted, when many places … Continue reading

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Finding value in the small things

Money, money, money! There is always opportunity to dream of course, but there are also simple ways to get a bit of extra money in your back pocket. This often comes from small things around your home that you may … Continue reading

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How to be eco-friendly

With talks of global warming and environmental concern blitzing every news broadcast across the world this century, we at Mazuma Mobile realise that many people are simply sick of hearing about it. However, it really isn’t that difficult to do … Continue reading

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The evolution of the mobile

The mobile phone is an invention that first hit the UK market in 1985. However, the handset that enthralled many people back then is a far cry from the amazing handheld technology that we see today. Unbelievably, the first mobile … Continue reading

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Mobile phones, by numbers!

At Mazuma Mobile, we deal with thousands of discarded and unloved handsets on a daily basis. Some people send in old, shabby, half broken phones while others send in newer, flashier models that are still not quite up to date … Continue reading

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Mobile phone recycling is now an important choice to make

A lot of electronic consumer goods such as televisions, computers and entertainment systems are soon regarded as old fashioned, obsolete or outdated. Rather than be disposed of in the correct way, they are considered useless and discarded, and mobile phones … Continue reading

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