What Happens to Old Mobile Phones?

How many old mobile phones do you have stored away in drawers in your house? The story is all too familiar. You upgrade to the latest smartphone, and your old mobile becomes relegated to a ‘spare’, tucked away somewhere safe should your new phone break or get lost. But, the majority of times, that is where those old phones stay, unused and unloved, until they become obsolete.

No matter how out of date and useless you think your old mobile phones are, you could still earn some cash by recycling them. Mazuma Mobile specialises in reusing and recycling mobile phones. Simply register with them, and they will tell you how much your old mobile phones are worth. You will then receive a freepost bag to send your handsets to them. You will then receive cash for your phones within 48 hours of Mazuma receiving them. But what happens to your old mobile phones once Mazuma receives them?

Most Mobiles can be Refurbished and Reused

When your mobile phone arrives at Mazuma, it will be rigorously tested. They will check that the handset isn’t lost or stolen. Many of the phone’s components, such as they keypad, will then be tested to see if they are functioning correctly or if they can be repaired. The majority of phones that Mazuma receives can be refurbished. The phone can then be reused by someone else. Refurbished mobile phones can provide a lifeline to people in developing countries who do not have access to the latest communication technology.

Broken Mobiles are Useful Too

Even if you sell a mobile phone to Mazuma that is broken, many of its components can still be reused or recycled. Many mobile phones contain small quantities of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and copper. This metal could end up being recycled as jewellery. The nickel contained in broken mobile phone batteries could be used in stainless steel saucepans. Mobile phones also contain a large amount of plastic which is widely recyclable. Mazuma promises to recycle all the broken phones they receive in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Mobile Recycling Helps the Environment

Why recycle your phone instead of throwing it away? When unwanted mobile phones end up on landfill sites, there is a risk that the harmful substances contained within them could end up contaminating soil and water. These dangerous substances could then cause serious harm to the environment and human health. Many old mobile phones contain lead, mercury and cadmium, all of which are known to cause damage to the central nervous system. When you recycle you mobile phone with Mazuma, you can be assured that it won’t cause any damage to people or the environment.

All the mobile phones you have stored away in drawers can be put to much better use. At Mazuma, one person’s mobile trash is another person’s treasure. When you recycle a mobile with Mazuma, you can be confident that you are making a difference to the world.

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