Do You Really Need a New Phone

Without wanting to shoot ourselves in the foot here, the question of need versus want should generally be a consideration if you’re considering a mobile phone upgrade. Simply getting cash for old mobile phones probably isn’t strictly a decent enough reason to go for the upgrade, so here are a few questions to ask yourself before you sell your mobile via our phone recycling for cash service.

•    Is your current phone broken? If this blog entry has so far come off as a little miserly, it’s just because in the current financial climate every little saving really DOES help. Still, if your phone is broken, there’s no better time to get a new one!

•    Are you suffering compatibility issues? We don’t mean in terms of not getting along with your phone and considering a break up, but more in terms of the basic usefulness of your phone’s platform. For example, the Nokia Maemo platform is Linux-based and highly compatible, making Nokia smartphones popular business options.

•    Have you simply “gone off” your old phone? Trends evolve, hearts change, and the features that once seduced us seem outdated and dull. When a phone falls out of favour because of age, think carefully about how much a new phone will REALLY add to your life before investing.

•    Do you need something new from your phone? A new job, a longer commute, mobile internet – if you genuinely need a phone that performs a function further than your current model, investing in a new device may be your only option (but don’t forget to put the old one in for mobile phone recycling!)

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