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Finding the make and model of an old phone

If you want to sell a mobile phone you will need to find the exact make and model. That will help you figure out roughly how much you can expect to get for it and once you have the right … Continue reading

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Need quick cash? Why not recycle your phone?

If you want to sell a phone then the chances are you’d like some ready cash in exchange. Maybe you even need to raise some money quickly to pay a bill or meet an unexpected expense. Maybe you’d just like … Continue reading

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Can I still sell a mobile phone if it doesn’t work?

We’ve all been there. One minute our faithful mobile handset is sitting innocently on the table working perfectly, the next moment it’s covered in piping hot coffee and not working so well at all. Mobile phones get dropped, left outside … Continue reading

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The Landfill Life of Your Mobile Phone

Many of the 20 million or so old mobile phones we upgrade annually in the UK end up at the back of a draw at home! However a massive number are simply deposited in the bin by their owners. A … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves Facts!

Little titbits of information can be fantastically useful! Just in case you don’t have time to actually study the history and culture of modern mobile phones, here are a few fascinating little facts for you to whip out at dinner … Continue reading

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Remember to Delete Personal Data from Your Phone!

Mobile phone recycling is great for both your pocket AND the environment. But before handing in your old mobiles for cash, it’s important to make sure your data doesn’t get passed on with your old phone. Photos, phone numbers, text … Continue reading

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Recycled, Refurbished, REVIVED!

If course it’s what our phone recycling website is all about, but we thought we use today’s blog entry to recap some of the brilliant reasons you should sell your old mobile phones to us! •    The environment loves you! … Continue reading

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Mazuma Loves Nokia!

Of course we don’t like to play favourites, but Nokia phones are amongst the most sought-after in burgeoning mobile phone industries such as those in China, India, Pakistan and Africa. Our phone recycling scheme aims to bring efficient, reliable old … Continue reading

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