How mobile phone recycling can help you stay up to date

You might find that as soon as you’ve got your hands on a new mobile phone, another one comes out that takes your fancy. Technology’s progressing so fast at present and as and when new devices come out, they often have innovative features.

Keeping up with the latest developments in the field can be tricky and it can require plenty of spending. This is where mobile phone recycling comes into its own. Rather than amassing lots of redundant handsets you no longer use, you can exchange them for cash – benefiting both your wallet and the planet.

Smartphones are in vogue

The most interesting developments in the mobile communications world at present seem to be in the realm of smartphones. There’s certainly no shortage of these products available for you to take advantage of these days.

According to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report, around 40 per cent of the money spent on accessing the web last year was spent on mobile internet usage. This is thanks to the rising popularity of smartphones, those behind the study suggested.

Meanwhile, this figure is on track to increase further to 46 per cent by 2016, the report claimed.

The smartphone appeal

Commenting on the popularity of these devices, PwC’s senior partner of Entertainment & Media Phil Stokes stated: “We in Europe have a legacy infrastructure and mobiles are generally the secondary device, but [even in the UK] we are increasingly seeing some people thinking their mobiles will do everything they need.” He added: “The simple fact is that smartphones really have caught the public desire. Access to the internet [on mobiles] is becoming a commodity like gas.”

Talking more generally about the entertainment market, the expert remarked: “There is an ongoing shift from offline to online, and from fixed to mobile.”

Turning old phones into cash

In the past, you might have let old mobiles pile up in draws and on shelves around your home. However, this could be a major waste of money. Unused phones are often in great condition and can be worth plenty of money.

So, to turn your old handsets into cash, you can use our services here at Mazuma Mobile. We’re experts when it comes to this process. Whether you want to sell Nokia phone sets or any other items, all you have to do is follow the simple steps on our website.

Step one

Firstly, you can register and get a freepost bag. To do this, simply search for your phone on our site to see how much it’s worth. Then you can choose one of our payment methods, enter your details and this stage is complete.

Stage two

Secondly, once you’ve received our sales pack or printed your own, you can post your phone to us.

Stage three

Then all that’s left is to take receipt of your payment. Once we’ve received your handset and checked everything’s in order, we’ll hand over the money. Of course, after this, the rest’s up to you. You can spend the cash on whatever you want.


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