Tailored Electronic Device Insurance Could Save Your Gadgets

We live in a society where petty crime is not only prevalent, but can be very rewarding for very little effort. It’s perhaps not our place to comment on the U.K’s judicial system (we just recycle phones and help struggling economies), but with petty crime rates as they are, we do think it’s our place to offer a little crime prevention advice to help you out and make sure you get the chance to recycle mobile phones for cash!
One of our team members lived for a time in Japan, where the patty crime rate is very low. The reason was that punishments are HARSH and the gain does not outweigh the effort or chance of getting caught. We’re a leading phones for cash company with global reach, but we’re also socially conscious. So, if moving to Japan to protect your electronic devices seems a little farfetched, here are a few alternatives!
•    Specific mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, media player, sat nav and laptop insurance is a must. Lots of you are carrying around very expensive equipment on a daily basis, so knowing you’re covered financially if some little thief makes off with your iPhone on the tube should be a solace. The insurance policies provided by mobile service providers are usually fairly comprehensive, particularly Apple insurance.
•    Be sensible with your devices. It may sound a little elementary, but keeping an eye out for crime will become second nature after a few weeks of making yourself think about it.

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