Sell your mobile for recycling and help protect the environment

Mobile phone recycling is essential for every individual to take responsibility for, especially when considering that each old mobile phone is capable of polluting 132,000 litres of water.

Collectively, discarded old mobile phones throughout the world are responsible for 65,000 tons in toxic waste per annum.

Recycling mobiles will also protect the environment against the harmful quantities of mercury, lead, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, beryllium and arsenic. Both beryllium and arsenic are especially dangerous if not disposed of correctly.

The true scale of pollution is alarming, and is a major global issue. By using the services of a trustworthy and reputable mobile phone recycling company, it is possible to make a vital contribution toward protecting the environment.

In addition to doing your part to help recycle old handsets and reducing waste and pollution, you will also be rewarded with cash if you decide to sell your phone instead of just throwing it away.

Organisations that specialise in recycling mobile phones for cash will also be contributing to charities that support people in third world countries who do not have access to mobile phones, and many donations are passed to them.

We at Mazuma Mobile offer a financially rewarding and easy to use service to encourage people to recycle mobile phones for cash. Our service not only offers competitive financial rewards, but also ensures that each person who uses our services is making their own very valuable and individual contribution towards saving our planet.

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