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Old Mobile Phones

Do You Have Old Mobile Phones Lying Around?

Do you have old mobile phones lying around in drawers that look so out of date it would be embarrassing to use them? Of course, the temptation is to either keep old mobile phones or throw them in the trash as though old mobile phones were worthless rubbish.

For starters, throwing away old mobile phones is a crime against the planet. Most old mobile phones work perfectly well and when you first received your new old mobile phones you were thrilled by the amazing technology. And just because the amazing technology of old mobile phones has moved on, it doesn't mean that your old mobile phones are worthless. Wind the clock back a few years and remember how thrilled you were when you bought your first mobile phone. It seemed so small at the time but now, less than a decade later, it seems large and bulky and with few features.

In the last few years new mobile phones have become old mobile phones incredibly quickly as people have signed up to new contracts and excitedly open their new phone with it mega pixel camera and wifi features for accessing the Internet. But, spare a thought if not for your old mobile phones but for the people who are like you were a decade or so ago.

Who Would Want Outdated Old Mobile Phones?

Who would love to have one of your old mobile phones in their pocket to be able to call friends and family when they are out and about on business or visiting friends and family. Of course, one of the reasons why people do not recycle their old mobile phones is because it seems like a hassle, which is why Mazuma Mobile has set up a business of recycling old mobile phones to be sent out to excited recipients, just as we all were, in China, Africa, Pakistan and India.

Imagine how good you will feel to know that your phone is getting a new lease of life and helping someone else communicate with friends while away from home? To make it easy for you to do the right thing with your old mobile phones, Mazuma Mobile gives you the value of your old mobile phones and then sends you a fully prepaid envelope in which you place and mail your old mobile phones. Once the phones have been checked by Mazuma Mobile, a cheque is mailed to you for the price that was quoted on the Mazuma Mobile website.

The Benefits Of Recycling Old Mobile Phones

Many non-renewable resources go into making all the once shiny and new old mobile phones and for old mobile phones to either lie redundant in a drawer when someone else can have the pleasure of using it is very sad. To part with your old mobile phones will take just a few minutes of your time and if your old mobile phones were recently new mobile phones then you may be surprised by how much Mazuma Mobile will pay for it. Of course many of the early old mobile phones are only worth a couple of pounds but to someone in India they are worth so much more than that.

People in the UK do care for others and to enable someone else to share in the life of one of your old mobile phones should bring real satisfaction. Ten years ago, most people in the UK did not have a personal mobile phone now almost everyone in the UK has at least one if not two or three mobile phones. Even in recession, it is estimated that what were new mobile phones last year will become old mobile phones this year as more than 20 million people will be persuaded to exchange their old mobile phones (which are not so old) for a new one.

Mazuma Mobile is a company that offers genuine recycling; what are considered old mobile phones by us can still offer years of pleasure and use. Take a few minutes to find out what your old mobile phones are worth and then enter your details and we'll get the ball rolling. After a few days you'll receive a special envelope and all you have to do is mail your old mobile phones back to us. After a quick check we give the thumbs up and payment is on the way to you. In the meantime, you are spared your old mobile phones cluttering up your drawers.

New Life For Old Mobile Phones

Twenty years ago, having an answering machine was major technology and almost no one had a mobile phone. There were some really old mobile phones around which look comically large today, but generally even the technology of these old mobile phones wasn't affordable for most people, unlike today.

There are many people in India and Africa who would love the freedom that one of your old mobile phones will give. Share the bounty of living in the UK with people who lead very different lives but whose lives will be immeasurably improved if they had the luxury of owning one of your old mobile phones. Don't let your old mobile phones lie around neither sending nor receiving texts; share your old mobile phones with the world and make a few quid into the bargain too.

It could not be easier for you to do the right thing for your old mobile phones. Many people are being made redundant in the economic slowdown which is going to affect the developing world too. If you have old mobile phones that you do not need and believe you me your children and grandchildren are not going to regard old mobile phones as antiques to treasure, you may as well release your old mobile phones and let them run wild and run free in Africa, or India, or China. Now is not the time for wasting old mobile phones. There is absolutely no need for old mobile phones to go in land fill sites. There is absolutely no need for any old mobile phones to remain not working when a little repair can get it back texting in no time.

Recycling Old Mobile Phones Is Easy

They may be old mobile phones to you but to someone that you'll never meet it will be a shiny new mobile phone with the most amazing feature that all old mobile phones have and that is the ability to make and receive telephone calls. In the early episodes of Star Trek Captain James T Kirk had a mobile phone in his back pocket. We looked upon the small device with wonder but now it would be in the back of a drawer with all the other redundant old mobile phones. So don't let your old mobile phones become useless old mobile phones, let them become new mobile phones for people who will truly treasure what we all now take for granted and that is the gift of speaking from anywhere to anywhere - almost.

It couldn't be simpler for you to register your old mobile phones with Mazuma Mobile and to wait for the envelopes to arrive. All you have to do is pop the old mobile phones in the pre-paid envelopes and sit back and wait for the cheque. It really is that simple to recycle your old mobile phones. Do not let inertia get the better of you as recycling old mobile phones is good for you, good for others and good for the planet.

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